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Single coins or entire coin rolls slide automatically into the coin sections. One coin section will exactly hold 5 coins, it will never hold 6 coins. As the coins lay sloping in the sections there is an evening out of the coin edges which means safer counting.

Coins are protected against falling over by a groove for the first coin as well as by the steps at the side of the coin sections (patented).

The rolling marks are showing at what amount coins can be wrapped into rolls (a little line from the bottom, a triangl e from the top).

- capacity: 1 x 2 EURO, 1 x 1 EURO ,1 x 50 cent, 1 x 20 cent, 1 x 10 cent, 1 x 5 cent, 1 x 2 cent + 1 cent

- Weight: 0.21 kg

- Artikelnummer: 1 3000 03 677 91 99
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