99,95 €

MC 56 identifikator nov?anica

Smaller, quicker and with automatic currency detection! With the MC 56 you can insert notes in any direction and the unit checks all EUR or GBP notes.

Also available with optional battery!

Banknote detector MC 56 is checking EURO banknotes by:
- MT (Magnetic Code)
- MG (Magnetic Ink)
- IR (Infrared)
- 2D (Height Check)

Features: - Automatic test of note after insert in any direction
- shows value of the checked note + total value of tested notes
- checks note within 0.5 second.
- Detection speed: <0,5 sec
- Certificate: CE/TÜV/GS
- Error Signal: Optical & Accoustic
- Automatical test procedure, in case of falsification, indication in display and acoustical.
- Power supply 110-230V/<5W
- Dimensions: 155x137x82 (HxWxD in mm)
- Weight: 0.7 kg
- Code: 9 0931 31 054 75 00

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