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POCSAG transmitter W 11 TK

POCSAG transmitter W 11 TK
It can send number and text message to alpha pager, coaster pager. By the text area, you can simply transmitter signal to the pager by the related number. You can also send text message to the pager by keypad.
W11tk can also work with PC. Connect PC with data line. You can easily send numeric or alpha message to pager by paging software.

Reduce guest anxiety
Run a smoother operation
Deliver orders at the proper temperature
Reduce Noise Pollution
Send text message easily

PLL or crystal, 402-470Mhz, POCSAG
Multi-language support
Alpha text input
PC setting and paging
1999 No. system

Compatible Equipment
- Coaster pager w11ct
- Alphanumerical pager w09n
- Watch pager w09w

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