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Repeater W 09 TR

Repeater W 09 TR
Sometimes, the region such as hospital, mall, construction site have building, tree to block the signal. Just connect the transmitter with power adapter and fix it in a suitable place. Then it work as a signal booster. It is so simple to booster the range of communication.
The coverage of service pager transmitter W09TR can up to 4km (diameter) with the repeater. If you want to build a wireless communication region within this rang, look no further.
The frequency of this service pager transmitter is 402-470Mhz. Using our paging software or yours (as it is a flexibility system) , you can send the text message to the alpha pager simply.
The package include:
- transmitter
- Antenna
- 7.5V or12VDC adapter
- Data line.

Software Supported. You can use our software or yours, we have simple interface to use.
Flexible to fit any system
7-20VDC power support.
USB or 232 port supported.
TX Power 2W Max.
Can be using as a encoder to fit other transmitter
Repeater function

Technical parameters
Frequency range TX: 402-470 MHz
Frequency range RX: 402-470 MHz
Modulation Type: FSK
Channel Spacing: 12.5/25KHZ
Output Power: 2W max
Receiver sensitivity: -103DB
Harmonic Radiation: less – 25dBm
Frequency Stability: 5PPM at -10°C~60°C
Output Connect: BNC
Current Consumption Standby: 40mA;
Receive: 40mA;
Transmit:< 1A
Dimensions (no ANT): 110*62*22 mm
Weight (no ANT): 230g
Operating Temperature: -10o to 50o C

Compatible Equipment
- Alpha message transmitter W11tk
- Transmitter W11tk can transmit both number and text message. You can also program the text information by computer.

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