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Alphanumeric pager W 09 N

With large led screen, it can display 4-8 line text, and memory capacity up to 3000 characters. It has out of range and low battery alert function. If you want to replace an old Motorola pager in your system, W09N would be your good option. Produced by high quality plastic, it is really durable device.

- Hand and PC programmable. USB id programmer.
- PLL or crystal, 137-930Mhz, POCSAG or Flex
- Alert mode: Sound, vibrate, LED, Silent.
- 4 or 8 line English display, 3 zoom mode (English).
- Language support: Chinese, English, Germany, Korean, Turkey, Farsi, French, etc.
- Out of range, low battery, repeat message, unread message indicator.
- Menu select able, User choice special functions for themselves.
- Second watch function

Compatible Equipment
- Call button W12CB
- Alpha transmitter W11tk
- Transmitter&Signal booster W09TR

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