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Coaster pager W 11 CT

Coaster pager W 11 CT
Customer or a staff member can be alerted by sound and vibration, but also informed by the text message. If the customer do not hear the beeper sound or miss the vibration alert, you can also send a message just like a sms. You can advise your client “what, when, where ” exactly.Very important, out of range alarm will alert the customer when he is out of the coverage of transmitter. It can work with pager transmitter W09Tr and W11Tk.

Key functions
- PLL or crystal, 402-470Mhz, POCSAG
- Alert mode: Sound, vibrate, LED
- Out of range, low battery alert.
- OTA setting by recommend transmitter

Compatible Equipment
- Transmitter W11tk
- Transmitter&Signal booster W09TR

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